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"Thank you for the comprehensive report on your meeting with A. She enjoyed the session and your comanpany as well. She went in thinking she did not need tutoring but came out excited to start using the study skills you showed her. Just FYI she got an A on her test the next day and although that is not the only goal it will help to reinforce what you went over. A is looking forward to your next sessions and I think although you are focused on math that the skills you are teaching her will help her in her other classes as well. 
 Thanks again."

Parent of 8th grader, Princeton High School

"Could not wait to share good news  with you - S retake and latest Logic test went to total success. Overall math score up to 95 from 82.

Thank you very much for your efforts and support!"

Parent of 7th grader, Highland Park Middle School

"H loves working with Ruchi. It is a perfect match."

Parent of 8th grader, The Hun School

"B learned and understood subject much better after this session and feel more confident with Geometry now.

She likes your lesson and way you are teaching a lot. I am very happy about it."

Parent of 8th grader, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North

"K was so inspired with the first tutoring session and I believe he will learn so much from you. 
I think the recap approach is perfect.Thanks so much for a great start!"

Parent of 3rd grader, Princeton Montessori School

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Princeton Tutoring for providing such a wonderful experience for us."

Parent of 5th grader, Mill Stone River School

"He was unquestionably excellent, both knowledge-wise and in terms of human relations."

Parent of 10th grader, Princeton High School

"S said that she enjoyed the lesson and thought you gave her very helpful feedback. S is very enthused about the help you've been providing."

Parent of 7th grader, Princeton Charter School

"I would like to thank you for suggesting Anastasia to tutor S. S has just taken her SAT Biology test as well as AP Biology test and has done very well. 
 S will be writing to Anastasia to thank her for all the hours she put in with her and will of course like to continue her lessons with her once the school years begins."

Parent of 11th grader, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South

"Just wanted to let you know that A is really happy with her latest SAT scores. She went up 60 points in Critical Reading, to a 680 and 20 points in Writing to a 680. Combine that with her highest Math score (from last time) of 670, and her combined score is 2030. That is up 180 points from her first attempt last October (pre-tutoring)! So thank you again for all of your help over the past several months. Let’s just hope that the folks at College Board don’t do anything crazy like recall the scores from June 6th!!"

Parent of 11th grader, Robbinsville High School

"Just wanted to let you know that my son A took the June ACT and received a composite score of 35. He got 35 in Reading, English and Math and 36 in Science.
 We are really happy with the results and are quite relieved. I have written to Alan thanking him for his tips and suggestions."

Parent of 11th grader, Princeton High School

"Anastasia is great. A likes her teaching style and I enjoy reading her re-caps after each session."

Parent of 10th grader, Princeton High School

"D is loving learning with Amanda and I couldn't ask for a more patient, thorough, bright,  dynamic mentor/tutor."

Parent of 5th grader, Hartford Elementary School

"C's sessions with Elizabeth are going really great!!! She is a terrific tutor and has been so accommodating with C's crazy schedule!! C is in Florida right now competing at the Youth National Rowing Championships, and will meet with Elizabeth next week to do a bit more prep for finals.

Thank you so much for all your help this year!!"

Parent of 11th grader, Princeton High School

"Elizabeth was helpful, always professional, and very reliable."

Parent of 7th grader, Chapin School

"Thank you!  It looks like Princeton Tutoring matched S up with a perfect tutor for him.  I cannot believe how smooth these sessions are going !! 

Jake is a perfect fit for S.  S is motivated to work with Jake and that motivation is a battle he has when getting homework done on his own.  It's difficult for him to sit and focus on his own.

He is a teenager of few words but he was happy and felt prepared after both sessions. During his third quarter, he put himself in a hole with three classes and you are helping him out in two of them. I like the updates and I like that he'll be able to reach out and schedule tutoring time when it's needed."

Parent of 7th grader, Hopewell Valley

"A is finding her tutoring sessions with Vanessa very helpful. She finds the one on one much more helpful as she prepared for her upcoming testing . I think Vanessa is s great fit for her. Great job pairing her up."

Parent of 11th grader, Notre Dame

"I wanted to thank you for your services. B's tutor last year was Andrew and Andrew was wonderful. B went from a 29 to a 33 on his ACT score and if you super score it, a 34. B is a senior at Montgomery High School and will be going to Northeastern D'Amore-McKim School of Business in the Fall.

Thanks again for helping B last year."

Parent of 12th grader, Notre Dame

"C's Latin tutoring with Nabil has been going great -- she began with a C+ for 1st quarter, and has raised it to an A- for 3rd quarter."

Parent of 11th grader, Princeton High School

"Sam G was great all year with my son H."

Parent of 10th grader, Princeton High School

"S is very happy to have Amanda as his tutor. Amanda is very bright, she understands S's needs. In addition to tutoring Algebra she is also introducing  S to different efficient study techniques  - the areas where S is struggling a lot. We only had 2 sessions but it seems like they have  known each other for much longer:-)."

Parent of 7th grader, Highland Park Middle School

"Thanks for all your hard work with A which is truly appreciated--we have so enjoyed working with you and would commend you without reservation to all who ask as a wonderful dedicated teacher."

Parent of 11th grader, Clovis North Educational Center

"The chemistry tutoring has been going extremely well for my daughter.  Srividya has been an excelent match for L."

Parent of 10th grader, Lawrenceville

"M was very happy with the tutoring session as well and found it productive. Thank you for the feedback and look forward to the next session."

Parent of 10th grader, Montgomery High School

"I emailed Amara this morning and commended her on the excellent job she is doing.  Amara is the 4th tutor you have provided for C and each time the tutor has exceeded my every expectation.  She is a wonder.  Thank you for all you did to make it happen."

Parent of 13th grader, Bordentown Regional
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