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"I want to thank you for the tutoring N received. He did very well on his SAT and even better on the ACT.
Thank you again I will highly recommend your service to my friends you were great for both N and my daughter L."

Parent of 11th grader, Princeton High School

"Thank you so much for your notes on the session.  This is very helpful and honestly unexpected!  E really liked you...loved you which I think is a great start.  I am convinced you will be able to help her and I thank you so much for being you!

E is actually looking forward to the next session.  Well done!"

Parent of 10th grader, The Hill School

"S's sessions with Jonah went really well. We are waiting for his AP and SAT Physics result which will be out sometime in July.

He did exceptionally well in school and got and A in Physics, in which he was struggling the first 2 quarters.
Would like to Thank you for matching him up with Jonah."

Parent of 11th grader, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South

"We are extremely pleased. S confessed he is actually having fun with maths now (thanks to you !). He is not only learning the material but you are also building his confidence in maths. We are so very grateful !!!"

Parent of 9th grader, Princeton Day School

"The sessions have gone very well. J likes Olena very much, likes her teaching style (‘she gets straight to the point’) and says he ‘finally gets it’.  So I can’t ask for more than that!"

Parent of 9th grader, Princeton High School

"Thank you for the amazing tutors you gave provided for E."


Parent of 12th grader, Princeton High School

"Paarth has been great - very attentive and helpful with concrete suggestions for improvement."

Parent of 6th grader, Princeton Charter School

"C finished up with Jonah this weekend. He was absolutely fantastic!!"

Parent of 12th grader, Princeton Day School

"W loved his tutoring session with Jonah! Jonah completely understood how to relate to W and to answer his questions - as well as to teach him new material in an interesting way. We are so happy that Jonah is only a freshman, so he will be around for a while! Exciting news for W"


Parent of 5th grader, Homeschool

"E was just telling me today that his sessions with Katie are so helpful. Her style makes him feel relaxed and at ease with a subject that usually fills him with anxiety.  She explains things in a way he can more readily understand and gives him confidence that he is having success learning the material--even though testing remains a real challenge for him. Although he tends to feel negatively towards Algebra, he has a positive attitude about his sessions with Katie because he feels the time spent is both useful and enjoyable.  I'm grateful they are such a good match."

Parent of 11th grader, Montgomery High School

"It was such a pleasure to actually be excited after a tutoring session. Thank you again"


Parent of 10th grader, North Brunswick High School

"My son Y has benefitted lot from Paarth's instructions.  As a result he is very confident with his course work now a days.  

We would like to thank you for great service you and your team offered to enhance my son's accedmic experience.  

Considering the quality of service, we will defenitly reach out to you in case if the need for accedmic assistance arise."

Parent of 9th grader, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North

"I just wanted to say that Aamir is a huge success!  It's the first time I have ever seen O come out of a math tutoring session engaged and awake.  He is actually excited about working with Aamir and very pleased with Aamir's positive encouragement way of tutoring.  Thank you to you both!

I've always said that the right person will get O over the "math hump," the way Ryan got him over the "writing hump" last year.  Thanks for the effort to find O the right tutor, and thank you, Aamir, for reading all the info we sent you, and for the great job you're doing with O."

Parent of 10th grader, PRISM

"T and I appreciate being involved and understanding what material you're covering and especially, as things progress, feedback on I's progress and/or her struggles.  Providing her with additional exercises on material covered between sessions is an added plus and will surely accelerate her overall progress.

We also want to share with you the overwhelming enthusiasm that I expressed about you and the session when we picked her up - we frankly have only seen this from her when she's involved in her music and singing and never for any academics! I'm copying Caroline to express our thanks for finding you :)

Keep up the great work- we realize that we're only 1 hour into a much longer journey but somehow we're getting the sense that things will continue the way they started."

Parent of 11th grader, Montgomery High School

"She says she feels more confident already."

Parent of 9th grader, Princeton Charter School

"I just wanted to let you all know that C was accepted to Brown University, Early Decision (she was recruited for rowing). Both C and I thank you for all the wonderful tutors you have provided over the last 4 years -- they were a huge part of her success!! We are looking forward to working with you for the rest of the year, and of course will be recommending Princeton Tutoring to others who need tutoring services."

Parent of 12th grader, Princeton High School

"T loves E and the work they're doing really shows - he got all A's on first report card! (Ok, 1 B+ but even that was an 89%) Thanks for all the help "

Parent of 5th grader, John Witherspoon Middle School

"As a direct result of the help you gave S, she achieved SAT scores that we were very happy with. While we  wait to hear the results of college applications, one college has already replied with an offer of admittance, again something that we feel you have been instrumental in."

Parent of 11th grader, Princeton High School

"As you see below, A did really well on her SSAT, so wanted to thank you both wholeheartedly and wish you happy holidays. We are very pleased with the development and improvement in A's confidence."

Parent of 7th grader, Timberlane Middle School

"D had his first session with Lawrence today.  D said it was a great session.  Lawrence explained the subject areas very well.  There was good collaboration between the two.  So, this tutoring arrangement is off to a great start." 

Parent of 9th grader, Princeton High School

"I seems very excited about his sessions with Rachel. Her detailed recaps are also quite helpful‎ to us."

Parent of 4th grader, Millstone River School

"Paulina is wonderful.  R really enjoys learning from her as well."

Parent of 5th grader, Monroe Township Middle School

"E said 'it was fun'. He gave strategies on how to handle hard problems on test."

Parent of 8th grader, John Witherspoon Middle School

"I agree he seems much more on top of it. He will say I really need Nicole this week and then will joke about the things you say about his commas. You are amazing with him!"

Parent of 8th grader, Princeton Day School

"Jason is good match for K.  He is direct, clear and action oriented.  Just the right type of character for K."

Parent of 11th grader, Hopewell Central High School
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