Sample Recaps

Test Prep - SAT

Test Prep - SAT - Sample Recap

Student: C
Tutor: John
Date: Sunday, April 14
Time Tutored: 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Additional Billable Time: N/A
Previous Quiz/Test Scores: N/A
Next Scheduled Session: Sunday, April 21 from 12:00 - 2:00 PM at Frist Food Gallery

Material Covered:

This week we focused on the writing section. To start off, I timed C for the writing multiple choice sections in a College Board test (no essay). After scoring his work, we realized that this test wasn't his best performance, as he was getting around 10-12 questions wrong, putting him in the low 600 range. Our goal is to boost that to the lower 700 to 750 range. We went over in detail every single question C had problems with in those two sections. In particular, things to take note were questions on parallel structure, objects of prepositions, misplaced modifiers, and filtering out the actual subjects and verbs in a very convoluted sentence. 

Then, I gave C a few handouts; one was another released College Board exam from October 2005; the other two handouts were compilations of possible SAT essay questions grouped by theme/topic and printouts of a valuable thread from a forum where people discussed which sources would be best to help address specific SAT essay themes. We talked a bit about how to integrate these into the essay, and after C has finished watching the remaining Sparknotes videos by next week, we will begin putting together all these into a valuable study guide/cheat sheet for the essay.

Assignments for Next Week:


  1. College Board Blue Book: for the 4th thru 6th practice tests in the back of the book
    • In each test, please do:
      • main writing grammar section (usually 35 questions long)
      • the last section, which should be a short 10 minute section on grammar/writing
  2. Check your answers with the back of the book and note the ones that you have trouble approaching or ones that you aren't sure why you got wrong. We will go over these problems at the beginning of each tutoring session.
  3. Direct Hits SAT Vocabulary Books:
    • Finish up the back of the book sentence competition exercises in Volume 1, begin reading Volume 2 
  4. On the Sparknotes video website,, watch the last 12 videos (the ones on the second page), and take notes on the main characters and the themes. These notes will be useful as we, in our next session, continue to compile anSAT essay study/resource guide.
  5. Please thoroughly read through the handouts I gave you on all the past SAT essay topics grouped by category and the types of literary and historical examples you could use in crafting your essay -- these will be very handy pieces of information!


Additional Comments:

We will probably be spending a couple more weeks on the SAT writing section; then, we will move toward the critical reading passages. We're looking at a cumulative review of the SAT Math, Critical Reading, and Writing material starting the 2nd week of May and through the rest of that month until the day before the June test date. Please let me know if you think you would like the order to be changed up in any way. 



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