Sample Recaps

Test Prep - PSAT

Test Prep - PSAT - Sample Recap

Student: P
Tutor: Alan
Date: 9/21
Time Tutored: 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Additional Billable Time: N/A
Previous Quiz/Test Scores: N/A
Next Scheduled Session: 9/28

Material Covered:

Yesterday during our first tutoring session, P and I decided that we will focus on math for our first two sessions before the PSAT and then critical reading and writing in the remaining two sessions.

We went through the math sections of P's diagnostic test, as I wanted to get a sense of which areas we should work on primarily. We discussed various methods of approaching questions in geometry and logic and when P talked me through his thought process in answering each individual question, he was able to come to the correct answer with careful deliberation. He knows almost all of the math on the test and next session we will discuss various ways to make answering geometry questions easier, such as certain hints in the question language, important formulas, etc.

P and I also discussed his general approach to test-taking, as I feel like this may be one of his most crucial areas to work on. I stressed to him my idea that it is more important to start on a given question, give it careful deliberation for a good amount of time and start out whittling down answer choices that can't possibly be correct. Then if one needs to guess, it will be a much more educated guess. This is opposed to P's nature to rush his questions somewhat, so we will continue to work on estimating appropriate time amounts for each question in the various sections.

Overall, I think there is much room for improvement and with continued practice (questions or practice tests of any kind) and more discussion of test-taking skills, I think P will do well.



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