Sample Recaps

Test Prep - NJ ASK

Test Prep - NJ ASK - Sample Recap

Student: V
Tutor: Sibley
Date: 4/15
Time Tutored: 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Additional Billable Time: N/A
Previous Quiz/Test Scores: N/A
Next Scheduled Session: 4/22

Material Covered:

Last week V and I began by discussing how we will tackle studying for both the NJ-ASK and SSAT, since V had brought both books to class.  Since the NJ-ASK is coming up soon, we will postpone reviewing for the SSAT until afterwards.  However, I was glad we had a chance to talk about the differences between the two tests and to address some of V's questions.  We then turned to our actual NJ-ASK review, beginning with grammar.  V has a strong grasp on how to use grammar; however, he had forgotten some of the terms for the components of sentence.  So, we reviewed how to identify the number, case, and gender of nouns, paying special attention to distinguishing between the three types of objects (direct objects, objects of a preposition, and indirect objects).  As soon as we went over the names of each of the categories, V had no more difficulty, since he had remembered how to distinguish between the different types of words, just not how to label them.  

We then spent the last third of our meeting going over the rules and techniques for persuasive writing.  V first made a list of all of the characteristics that he thinks a strong persuasive essay has, then we compared his list to the NJ-ASK's official rubric.  Since V and I have worked on persuasive essays before, we then jumped straight to talking about how to choose strong evidence and examples, using an exercise in his workbook to practice.  Although we did not get a chance to discuss the essay V had written for homework, we will review it at our next meeting.  

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