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Test Prep - AP US History

Test Prep - AP US History - Sample Recap

Student: I
Tutor: Chhaya
Date: 4/20
Time Tutored: 8:00 am – 10:00 am
Additional Billable Time: N/A
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Next Scheduled Session: 4/27

Material Covered:

So I know we went through a lot today, and much of it was broken up. Good job keeping up with all of it. The main time period that we covered was 1790 - 1860, although we only talked about the politics from 1836 to the 1840s. Today was much more focused on economic, cultural, and social changes.

The political topics we covered were: the election of Martin Van Buren in 1836, followed by the economic panic of 1837 leading Van Buren to "divorce" the government from banks. We discussed Texas's war for independence in 1836, and how it was not joined to the United States. Then the election of William Henry Harrison (billed as a war hero and "common man") in 1840 and the idea of politics for the people (the change of politics to get votes from the newly enfranchised men who did not own land or property).

With economic, social, and cultural changes, we discussed the movement west of Americans; the immigration by Irish and Germans causing anti-foreign sentiment; the increase of mechanization in the form of textile mills, the cotton gin, sewing machines, guns, farm machinery, and other forms of manufacturing; the conditions for workers (including women and children) in these factories, strikes, and the starts of labor unions; the increased interest in transportation sparking the construction of roads, canals for steamboats, and railways; the Second Great Awakening and the connections between religion, women, anti-alcohol (or temperance) movements, and anti-slavery (or abolition) movements; the growth of the education systems; the movement for women's rights, including Dorothea Dix, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Susan B. Anthony (famous for the Seneca Falls Woman's Rights Convention); and increased public interest and pride in American science, art, and literature.

I forgot to explicitly mention the term "market revolution" which is a general term for the time period of industrialization, mechanization, and transportation we discussed. This comes up in one of the essay questions I'm assigning you for homework.

Additional Comments:

There are four essays I would like you to do for homework. I understand that you are busy studying for midterms, and so if you are short on time, I would rather that you think about all four, but only write two of them (and do a good job) than that you do all four in a hurry. Choose whichever two you would like to focus on (or do more if you do have time).

2007 Form B; Part B; Question 3 -- this is on immigrant groups, please focus on the Irish and the German immigrants
2007; Part B; Question 3 -- the influences of the Second Great Awakening, please focus on Abolition and Temperance movements (and remind me to talk about the cult of domesticity)
2008; Part B; Question 3 -- the impact of the market revolution on regional economies
2009 Form B; Part B; Question 3 -- political, economic, and religious tensions between immigrants and "native" white Americans

Good luck with your midterms! I will talk to you on Thursday.



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