Sample Recaps

Science - Earth Science

Science - Earth Science - Sample Recap

Student: R
Tutor: Jessica
Date: Saturday, January 7th
Time Tutored: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Additional Billable Time: N/A
Previous Quiz/Test Scores: recent D in math that has recently be raised to As and Bs
Next Scheduled Session: Saturday, January 14th

Material Covered:

Meeting and working with R was a pleasure today!  I first tried to grasp his particular areas of concern and the subjects in which he was comfortable.  He said that he does not enjoy English very much (and as you mentioned, Beth, his spelling is not strong) but he is a good writer, and currently isn’t struggling. Math, he said, is going well right now because they are focusing on studying algebraic simplification and basic statistics like mean, median, mode, etc.  R mentioned he has a math test later in the week, on Thursday, as well as a French test Wednesday/Thursday (though unfortunately I’m of no help in that area).

Because R has a science test on magnetism on Monday, we spent most of the session working with the concepts that he has learned in the last 2 weeks of class, since his last test.  We covered all the vocabulary and all the concepts on his study guide, and include a little supplemental material from his notes.  I was really impressed with R’s ability to grasp some difficult concepts, such as the difference between a magnetic field and a magnetic force, and explain theme clearly.  The areas we focused on and used pencils and ourselves to model physically were magnetic reversal (the fact that the polarity of the earth’s magnetic field reverses approximately every 500,000 years, as evidenced in alternating bands of positive and negative charge orientation of iron particles at mid-ocean ridges) and magnetic domain (a group of atoms whose fields point in the same direction).  All in all, R has a good understanding of the fundamentals of magnetism and can apply them well to answer questions about them.

A few things he could review before the test are superconductors, examples of superconductors, magnetic reversal (mid-ocean ridges are evidence, not cause), and magnetic domain (just to make sure it’s completely clear).  I think he’ll do very well on the test!



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