Sample Recaps

Science - Chemistry

Science - Chemistry - Sample Recap

Student: M
Tutor: Matt
Date: 3/17
Time Tutored: 10:00 am – 11:15 am
Additional Billable Time: N/A
Previous Quiz/Test Scores: N/A
Next Scheduled Session: Sunday, March 25 at 3pm

Material Covered:

M and I mainly focused on balancing redox equations following his quiz on this material last Thursday and in preparation for his test next week. We began by reviewing the basics of the periodic table of elements, emphasizing the elements to the far left and far right of the table in understanding their charges in redox equations. We then worked our way through the step-by-step process of balancing redox equations outlined in the book. This 7-step process makes it easier to understand each aspect of balancing redox equations separately rather than trying to do it all at the same time. After we worked through this problem together, I gave M a problem to do on his own, explaining each step to me as he worked through it. Although he initially tried to go back to his old approach, we were able to make progress in slowing down and focusing on each part separately after I reminded him to follow the seven steps. I believe this “slow and steady” approach will be key to M’s success on future tests and quizzes.

Assignments for Next Week:

The four problems in the Chapter 20 practice problem set – these will be good in preparing for his test next week, and he can check the answers in the back of the book. I plan on reviewing these problems with M at the beginning of our next session.

Additional Comments:

I very much enjoyed working with M this morning. He was very engaged during our session and easy to work with! I was impressed with M’s knowledge of the material, and I think he already knows a lot of the concepts necessary to do well in his honors Chemistry course. One aspect that I think M could improve on, however, is his ability to effectively organize his knowledge of the material and properly go through the step-by-step process of solving each problem. Oftentimes M’s approach to the equation balancing problems I gave him was somewhat scattered and unorganized. Rather than going through all of the steps one by one, M would try to combine them all to find a shortcut and arrive at the solution sooner. Although shortcuts can be effective, it is important that he understands each step clearly before trying to solve the problem, as his shortcuts often gave him an incorrect answer. I am confident he can adapt to this new approach quickly, as he was already showing signs of improvement by the end of our first session. I really enjoyed working with M and look forward to our next session next weekend!



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