Sample Recaps

Science - Biology

Science - Biology - Sample Recap

Student: D
Tutor: Pallavi
Date: Tuesday, 2 April
Time Tutored: 6.30 - 7.30  pm 
Additional Billable Time: N/A
Previous Quiz/ Test Scores: N/A
Next Scheduled Session: Tuesday, 9 April at 6.30 pm 

Material Covered:

D's class is now going over DNA technology, and today they went through the procedure for fingerprinting, a method of identifying people based on a DNA sample.  They will be carrying out some parts of the procedure in lab later this week.  Since they went through it quickly, D had questions about some of the more complicated steps in the procedure such as PCR and gel electrophoresis. I explained the techniques first with concepts, tying them back to earlier information about DNA structure and replication, and then with diagrams.  I then asked him to explain it back to me so we could straighten out any parts that were still confusing.  

D's test on this unit is coming up next Tuesday.  I've noticed that he struggles a bit with remembering things like acronyms and names of enzymes -- this isn't surprising when it's things that I've just explained, and I try to give mnemonics or explain why things are called what they are, since names in biology usually correspond to structure or function.  But he is still having trouble remembering some things that we started talking about four weeks ago, and which I've made sure to review every week that we've talked about DNA.  This suggests to me that he hasn't been reviewing outside of class/tutoring, which is especially important for students who need a little extra time to keep things straight.   If he wants to review before the test next Tuesday, we can move our session up to Sunday night -- I've asked him to email me in advance if he thinks that would be helpful.



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