Sample Recaps

Math - Pre Algebra

Math - Pre Algebra - Sample Recaps

Student: N
Tutor: Peter
Date: 2/7
Time Tutored: 3:30 - 4:30 PM
Additional Billable Time: N/A
Previous Quiz/Test Scores: N/A
Next Scheduled Session: 2/8

Material Covered:

Today we worked on introducing graphing linear functions, which is one of the keys of pre-algebra. First we reviewed what functions are and how they are represented by 'T-charts'. I gave him a few problems to determine whether or not certain rules are functions, and he seemed to grasp this pretty easily. Next we moved to being given a function (e.g. y=2x+1), drawing a t-chart, and then plotting a few points on the plane to draw the line representing the function. We then discussed the concepts of slope, x-intercept and y-intercept, along with how to find the latter two. He had some trouble with the intercepts, and kept guessing what they would be rather than sticking to the firm rules that we figured out and wrote down together. I will keep drilling him on these types of problems, and pretty soon I'm sure they will become second nature. 

Additional Comments:

It was great getting back to work with N this week, hopefully from now on things will be a little bit more normal schedule-wise. On Tuesday we focused on introducing in depth some new math material I had just touched on before my break, and then on Wednesday did a mini-SSAT to see where N stands. While N was working, I drew him up a 'work sheet' that I would like him to do for next Tuesday to review math work we did on Tuesday and make sure it sticks. He might struggle with it a little bit since he seemed a little distracted on Tuesday and wasn't as sharp as he normally is, but we wrote some notes that he can refer back to, did some example problems and of course all of this material is in the book as well, so he should be able to get through it.



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