Sample Recaps

Math - Middle School

Math - Middle School Math - Sample Recap

Student: R
Tutor: Jessica
Date: Tuesday, February 08
Time Tutored: 1 hour (7:15pm – 8:15pm)
Additional Billable Time: none
Previous Quiz/Test Scores: A on math midterm (congratulations!)
Next Scheduled Session: Tuesday, February 15 at 7:15pm in Lewis Library

Material Covered During the Session:

R and I began the session by using the math background that he has developed to investigate the possible effects of the results of his recent science test on his overall grade.  This gave us the opportunity to review rounding, percentages, and critical thinking skills necessary in problem solving.  In the end, R was happy to discover that his science test grade will probably not have a negative impact on his overall grade! Later during this session we worked on practice problems for multiplication and division of fractions and mixed numbers, both positive and negative. R demonstrated great understanding of the problems I gave him and solved them easily, so we also practiced complex word problems involving fractions and operations on them.  The key to solving these problems is to grasp what is being asked and what happens at each step of the problem.  For example, if a problem asks about a fraction of what is left of a quantity, it is first necessary to find how much of the original quantity remains. Along these lines, we also discussed the meaning of “of” in such phrases as “3/8 of 4,” and that “of” here means to multiply.

Additional Comments:

Though it is not a big problem at the Pre-Algebra level, organization becomes an increasingly important factor in problem solving as math becomes more complex.  R has an excellent conceptual understanding of the material, but he needs to work on organizing his work so that he and others can effectively follow this thought processes. We will work on this during the subsequent sessions, particularly when we meet next week.

It was great to see R this week!  He was pleased that his math exam had gone well, and I think he is well prepared for his quiz on multiplying and dividing fractions tomorrow. You might also ask him whether he is hungry for pie (he will understand the joke)... Have a great rest of your week!



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