Sample Recaps

Math - Elementary School

Math - Elementary School Math - Sample Recap

Students: N & D
Tutor: Colette
Date: 12/4
Time Tutored: 11.00 AM-12.00 PM
Additional Billable Time: N/A
Previous Quiz/ Test Scores: N/A
Next Scheduled Session: Saturday 12/11; 10:00 AM at the Princeton Public Library (PPL)

Materials Covered During Session:

First, we started with a bit of freewriting containing a quotation, which is what I had wanted the girls to look at over the break. We then went over each of the girls' work together. I found that D needs to improve her punctuation placement, while N has trouble with the placement of commas and quotation marks in her writing. Even though these problems were evident in one of the girls' work, the other sister was able to correct it, so basically each of them only has one major problem. Then we did a quotation marks quiz, and D was a lot stronger in this area than N (as the initial freewriting exercise indicated).

We then went on to do a multiplication tables quiz. D is still counting her times tables; she ought to know/memorize all of them by heart without having to add and subtract from the ones that she knows for sure (eg for 7 x 6 she thought of 7 x 7 and then subtracted 7). N has a pretty good hold of her times tables, but her recall speed could improve as well. For next week, they should also practice their 11 and 12 multiplication tables up to 12 and also 12 times table up to 12. I generally used flashcards when I was memorizing my times tables, but if they prefer to do it verbally and get quizzed by someone that works too.

After going over the times tables, I had them do the exact same problems, but with division (eg the question for number 1 in the multiplication quiz had been 3 x 5, and #1 in the division quiz had been 15/3). The girls have a lot more trouble in general with their division problems, even though they both seem to know the corresponding multiplication tables, so these ought to be practiced as well. However, they both expressed enthusiasm at going over their division today, so I think we should take advantage of their energy and have them memorize everything while they're still excited about it!

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