Sample Recaps

Math - Algebra 2

Math - Algebra 2 - Sample Recap

Student: G
Tutor: George
Date: 6/14
Time: 6:30 - 8:00 PM
Additional Billable Time: NA
Previous Quiz/Test Scores: NA
Next Scheduled Session: 6/20

Material Covered:

Today, we went through the final three problems on her original study sheet and then another sheet in it's entirety. At the beginning, G was a little anxious about the test and was worried about forgetting material that she had already learned, but over the course of the review, she was very comfortable with most of the material and only needed a few pointers on topics that we have covered in previous sessions.

After a few long polynomial division problems, I showed G synthetic division, which was much a much shorter and easier process. However, I warned her that this method can only be used in very specific situations and made sure that she wrote this down on her note card, which she is allowed to bring to her exam tomorrow.

We then quickly reviewed solving quadratic equations by factoring. Then I helped her with material that we had not reviewed together before including composite functions and rationalizing denominators, especially problems that require the multiplication by conjugates. The latter type problem initially confused her because it required more steps than most problems that she had seen before, but after a few practice problems, she seemed confident. I asked her to write down a few notes about this type of problem on her card too, so she'll remember all of the steps correctly.

After covering all of the new material, G went back through the entire study sheet and asked me a few clarifications questions regarding some older material.

Finally, I spent some time picking out key formulas and notes to include on her card. G told me that she has a few study periods tomorrow morning before her test, so I asked her to just look over the material once's more and make sure that she is familiar with everything she wrote on her note cards, because the worse thing that can happen is applying a formula incorrectly when it's right there.



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