Sample Recaps

Math - Algebra

Math - Algebra - Sample Recap

Student: T
Tutor: Laura
Date: 4/9
Time Tutored: 9-10:15pm
Additional Billable Time: NA
Previous Quiz/Test Scores: NA
Next Scheduled Session:  Next Tuesday 4/16
Material Covered in Session:

We spent the session reviewing algebra topics. I chose types of problems that seemed to have given T more difficulty on practice exams - absolute value, inequalities, exponent rules, graphing, understanding how slope and y-intercept relate to graph images, etc. I found a lot of practice problems on the Khan academy site - she's used Khan before but hadn't done any of the algebra topics I picked out. The problems definitely highlighted some gaps in her knowledge in terms of rules (e.g. the difference between -x^2 and (-x)^2, or how to solve absolute value inequalities), and she needs to continue to work on line graph intuition - understanding how parts of linear equations, like the slope, are represented graphically.

I'll make sure to review some of the new things she learned in future sessions.  



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