Sample Recaps

Language - Latin

Languages - Latin - Sample Recap

Student: A
Tutor: David
Date: 12/1
Time Tutored: 3:30-5:10 P.M.
Additional Billable Time: NA
Previous Quiz/ Test Scores: 59, Latin exam
Next Scheduled Session: 12/5, 3:30 P.M.

Material Covered:

On December 1, A began by asking me to go over Latin adjectives with him, but it became clear to me that he did not understand the declension of Latin nouns, on which the declension of adjectives is based.  So we went over the declension of nouns in the first three declensions-- the use of the three cases he has learned (nominative, accusative, ablative), as well as their formation in Latin.

From there I taught A how to decline adjectives as well, and we discussed the agreement of adjectives and nouns (case, number, gender).  A and I then went over several exercises in the back of his textbook, practicing both recognizing the use of a word in a sentence and also forming Latin words in the appropriate case.

He should practice writing out the formation of declensions-- both adjectives and nouns-- as much as possible (preferably at least 20-30 times, on scratch paper; each declension for his purposes now consists of only six letters, but in an important sequence).  This will serve him well, since all Latin grammar is based on these forms!  

As always, A is very interested and motivated, and I look forward to seeing him Monday

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