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Language - French

Languages - French - Sample Recap

Dear Ms. K,
It was nice to meet S! He honestly seems quite comfortable with much of the vocabulary. I suggested strongly that he make notecards to prepare because in my experience notecards are infinitely more helpful than any other mechanism of studying for language: especially for vocabulary and conjugations. With the vocabulary memorized, we will be able to focus on exclusively what is tricky about French: conjugations, sentence structure, and exceptions to the rules.
Student: S 
Tutor: Nina
Date: 10/7
Time Tutored: 7:30-8:30 PM
Additional Billable Time: N/A
Previous Quiz/ Test Scores: got an A- on last quiz
Next Scheduled Session: Next Saturday
Material Covered During Session:
We went over S’s questions about when to use the imparfait vs. the passé composé and I tried to outline the guiding rules for when to use each tense. I have a good sheet which outlines the cases when you use each which I will bring next time. We also went through the most recent vocabulary for his upcoming quiz and went through each term, me quizzing him in English and then going over his response for accuracy in both language and pronunciation.
Additional Comments:
S seems to be on his way with French. He may be a bit confused about why one uses the imparfait at certain times but I am confident that with the use of note-cards to memorize vocabulary and conjugations and my list of rules for when to use imparfait we can work on vocabulary and pronunciation and really get him more comfortable with French.
Look forward to seeing him next week. 


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