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Language - Chinese

Languages - Mandarin Chinese - Sample Recap

Student: E
Tutor: Vivian
Date: 1/17
Time Tutored: 3:45-5:15
Additional Billable Time: NA
Previous Quiz/Test Scores: NA
Next Scheduled Session: 1/24

Material Covered:

E has a Chinese oral assessment coming up, so we spent the time reviewing for that class by going through chapters 1-5, all of the chapters her class has covered this year.

Since her teacher will be asking her questions based on the vocabulary of each chapter, we began with me asking sample questions from each chapter, incorporating all of the vocab into questions about her family, her Chinese name, her school, classmates, etc. E did very well, and, while she stumbled over some of the words at first, caught on very quickly and was able to not only gain a firm grasp of the words and even absorbed some brand new words and phrases not included in the chapter.

We also went over how E can stand out from her peers further by speaking only in Chinese during her oral assessment and asking for the teacher to repeat a question again, or ask for clarification of the meaning of a word or phrase, by saying “zai4 shuo1 yi2 ci4” and “______shi4 shen2 me2?, respectively. Using these two phrases will allow E to speak Chinese to her teacher even when she’s not sure of what the teacher is asking.

Next, we reviewed the dialogues of each chapter, working on fluency and pronunciation together. E has a great ear and was able to imitate the sounds very quickly, and I have no doubts that she will be a great Chinese speaker one day. I would encourage E to read and memorize the dialogues of each chapter. This would be very helpful since each dialogue includes all of the vocabulary, grammar structures, and key phrases for each chapter, and internalizing all of this information would propel E even more quickly towards proficiency.

Next time we are working on reviewing for E’s Sacred Traditions class, for which she has a test next week.



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