Sample Recaps

English - Reading Comp

English - Reading Comprehension - Sample Recap

Student: V
Tutor: Pallavi
Date: 3/9
Time Tutored: 4 - 5  pm
Additional Billable Time: n/a
Previous Quiz/ Test Scores: n/a
Next Scheduled Session: Saturday, 16 March at 4-5 pm in Lewis Library

Materials Covered During Session:

V continued to work on the story A Sound of Thunder, which we had started reading last week.  She said she hadn't understood the story, so I asked her to answer questions that would help her follow the plot.  But once we started discussing the themes of the story, I realised she still didn't understand what had happened in it, although she had no trouble when I asked her to reread specific parts of the story. When I asked her why she thought that was, she said that maybe she hadn't been focusing on the reading or trying to answer the questions thoroughly since it wouldn't be graded.  

Since reading comprehension is one of the things V needs to work on, it's important that she understands that she needs to pay attention when doing the work that I give her.  It's true that it isn't graded, but if she doesn't try to focus and read carefully anyway, then the work we do won't help her improve her skills.  She did say that when she tried taking notes and using the active reading techniques we've talked about, she found it helpful -- but that she hasn't been doing it since then.  I will probably encourage her to practise those skills during our sessions from now on.  I also pointed out to her that while she often says that reading is boring, she thought A Sound of Thunder was an interesting story once she actually took the time to read it carefully -- it only seemed like boring work to her because she hadn't tried to understand it!

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