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Princeton University
IB Diploma Recipient, National AP Scholar
Hi my name is Emerson, but I go by Emma. Presently I am an undergraduate at Princeton University who loves to study chemistry, math, and Spanish. I am from Atlanta, Georgia, where I was part of an International Baccalaureate program in high school. Since the IB program was fairly small and tight-knit, I started tutoring both peers and underclassman in high school. As a tutor, I want to help my students reach a point of elevated comprehension sometimes inaccessible through attending class alone.
Princeton University
National Merit Scholarship Program Finalist, Presidential Scholar, American Mathematics Competition (Scored in the top 5% with a 99; qualified on round one for the AIME (American Invitational Mathematics Examination)), AP Scholar with Distinction, Coaches Award for Outstanding Leadership, Resilience, and Character (Cross Country Team)
Hi, my name is Aidan! I’m a current undergrad at Princeton. I'm studying math primarily, but I am also interested in computer science, physics, and philosophy. I have a deep passion for learning; I've already taken number theory, real analysis, and honors linear algebra, and I also like to read up on various math topics during my free time. While math is definitely my strongest subject, I enjoy helping others creatively solve problems and further their education in computer science and physics as well. In computer science, even at Princeton, I’ve always helped my peers to write code and grasp programming concepts; and it was much the same with physics in high school. During all four years of high school, I ran cross country and track year round on both JV and varsity, and during my senior year I filled a captain / leadership role. Last summer, I was a lifeguard and a counselor for campers at Barbara C. Harris Camp, in Greenfield, NH. The summer before that, I was a lifeguard in training / junior counselor, and the summer before that I was in a leadership skill building program at the same camp. Through those experiences I gained various skills such as interpersonal communication, leadership, and organizational and planning abilities. My philosophy towards tutoring and learning (especially in maths) is that it is extremely important to not only know the material, but also to understand on a fundamental level why it is true. For example, anyone can recite the quadratic formula - but in order to really have a complete grasp on it, one needs to understand how it is derived, why there are two solutions, how it relates to completing the square, etc. If you are able to justify why something behaves the way it does, you understand it far better than if you had just memorized it. Because of these things, it is important for a tutor to not only efficiently convey the relevant material to their tutees but also to relate to them and understand how they can best further their education in a given subject.
Middlebury College
Cum Laude Society, Student Government President, Varsity Crew, President of Hun School Speech and Debate
I love inspiring students with my love for reading and writing. I have been a life-long lover of books, and I believe that anyone can learn to appreciate the wonder, power, and value of great books. I am interested in pursuing a career in education, journalism, or law.
Princeton University
National Merit Commended Scholar, National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholar, Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society)
I have extensive experience with kids ages 0-15 in both a academic and extracurricular capacities. Academically, I am interested in Politics, History, and English and am most comfortable tutoring within social sciences and language (such as Spanish). Beyond the classroom, I am fascinated by business, entrepreneurship, and law. Before Princeton, I had extensive experience at the United Nations speaking, moderating, and leading discussion on girl's rights, children's rights, and development. I have extensive public speaking and debate experience and am a true extrovert who loves interacting with people.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
AP Scholar with Distinction, 1st Team All Area Volleyball Player
I have experience teaching people in various disciplines ranging from academic subjects to sports. I have always enjoyed helping those who need help get from point A to point B. It is a great feeling to give back because if people hadn't helped me when I was younger I would not be where I am today. My philosophy in tutoring branches into two separate categories, being a motivator and being a teacher. As a tutor, it is my responsibility to help the student achieve his/her goals by instructing them on how to approach the subject at hand. However, it is also my responsibility to motivate the student, so that he/she is putting in the necessary preparation outside of our tutoring sessions in order to succeed. I have found the following to be true: 1. There is no substitute for hard work 2. Luck favors the prepared
216 - 220 of 226

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