Princeton Tutoring’s founding partners Greg Wong and Kevin Wong are brothers and Princeton University graduates. They have more than 20 years of experience in the educational services industry and have an impressive history of academic, athletic, and professional achievements. Greg and Kevin have the experience and unique ability to identify those qualities that make an outstanding tutor. 

Greg and Kevin’s passion for teaching and helping others began in high school with peer tutoring, community service, and teaching tennis. However, it was not until their time at Princeton that they were able to maintain longer-term tutoring relationships with their students. What started out as ad-hoc homework help developed into years-long teaching and mentoring relationships. It was with these clients that they first experienced the incredible impact that long-term one-on-one tutoring could have on a child.

Their main focus was not solely on improving grades, but also on addressing gaps in the fundamental skills necessary to become a better student and more effective learner: critical thinking, study skills, learning techniques, communication skills, organizational skills, and time management. Confidence, grades, and test scores all improved dramatically for Greg and Kevin’s students. Most importantly, those students are now equipped to succeed on their own.

After Kevin graduated in 2005, the brothers decided to pursue their passion for education by founding Princeton Tutoring. They have also committed to donating a percentage of profits to selected charities that are important to their clients and tutors.



Greg Wong  

Greg Wong and Kevin Wong

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